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Mugging makes Albany man a pistol toter

November 28, 2007

Albany --  On a sunny November morning, a South Dougherty County man's life changed. He was out to buy some soft drinks. But ended up with the barrel of a .38 caliber pistol stuck in his stomach. It was a defining moment in Glen Snelson's life and now he's determined to Take Back Our Neighborhoods.

Glen Snelson enjoys picking up pecans. "Just go back and forth 'til you get what you want" He and his wife frequent yard sales. "One person's junk is somebody's else's treasure."

And they keep an eye out for bargains. "We picked those up at yard sales, two or three dollars a piece." It was a sale on Cokes that led Snelson to the Rite Aid store on North Slappey. "But they didn't have exactly what I wanted, they were sold out, so I decided to come to this one."

This one on South Slappey. But Snelson got more than he bargained for. As he walked out of the store on that crisp fall morning, a man walked up behind him. "I had my back to him and when he came around behind me I just turned around and I said, 'What do you want?' He showed me the gun. He said, 'See this?' And he stuck it in my belly."

But Glen Snelson wasn't about to be robbed. "I said, 'No, hell no you're not.' And I grabbed the gun and turned it away from my belly. And as I did that, I brought it on up in this position here and hit his hand, his wrist, as hard as I could to get it away from me."

"I started running this way and I tripped and fell here and went down on my knee. When I turned to run, I could just feel a bullet going in my back. I didn't know whether he was pointing it at me or he decided that was the end of it."

Thankfully, it was the end of it. "He stood there for a second or two and I saw him turn and run away as I was running away."

But for Glen Snelson, it was really a beginning. "That woke me up. I mean, people think it can't happen to you. It can happen."

After it happened to him, Snelson made a decision. "Now I carry a gun everywhere I go." Everywhere he goes, a 9 millimeter is strapped to his side. "We don't have to sit down and take this."

He has advice for some. "Every time I've told this story, I've kind of stressed to people to wear a gun if you can, be prepared, be proactive, scan your area as you come out from a store and if you see somebody suspicious report that. "

And warnings for others. "We're not going to sit back and let you do this. Someone wants to put a gun in someone else's belly just for a few dollars, it's senseless."

So he shares his story. "I mean it's something that nobody has to go through and maybe by this, someone else won't have to."

Police caught the man who shoved the gun in Glen Snelson's belly. ""He was a teenager. 'Yeah, 18.'" Eighteen year old Vincent Britt is in jail for a string of robberies. "If he don't stop now, he won't make it to 25. The next person will kill him."

Glen Snelson has a message for him. "Try to turn your life around. Be a better person that what you are or what you were." Because Snelson and others like him are determined to Take Back Their Neighborhoods. 

Glen Snelson is licensed to carry that gun, he has a permit. And he's very lucky he didn't get shot that day.

It's not safe to fight with someone who has a gun. But as Mr. Snelson advised, you should keep an eye out for suspicious people or activities and call police if you see any.    


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