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AFD assists Sherwood film crew

November 28, 2007

Albany --  Production of a movie being filmed in Albany continues with some exciting scenes being staged.

Fire trucks roared up to a house, with flames shooting out the windows. It's a scene for the new Sherwood Films movie "Fireproof."

This is the third film written by the ministers at Sherwood Baptist Church, and made with mostly volunteers from the Church.

Their last movie "Facing the Giants" was a huge hit at the box office across the nation,

Kirk Cameron is the star of "Fireproof" and is in the scene being shot Wednesday.

But most of the other firefighters in this scene are real Albany Firefighters, volunteering their time to be in the film.

"It takes a lot of takes to get one thing right. And we're not used to that. We're used to doing it once and making the best of what happened," said Albany Fire Chief Ron Rowe.

The city of Albany is allowing their fire trucks and equipment to be used in the filming, but the film company is paying for the fuel and other expenses.

"Fireproof" is scheduled to be released in August.


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