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Tis the season for... bogus bills

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November 28, 2007

Albany --  'Tis the season for giving and holiday shoppers are flooding stores in search of the perfect gift, but they may get a bogus bill instead.

November and December are the highest months for currency usage. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for counterfeit cash to circulate.

Ruth McManus has been managing Who's Who on Dawson Road for 20 years, and is used to the holiday madness.

"Business has been good. I can't say that we have seen an increase over last year yet. But we usually its in the last two weeks," she said. 

She also makes sure that her boutique is secure from thefts. "We always have at least three people, and we have our on store security system, and I think once people find out how secure your store is they don't come back."

But their isn't an alarm system that can catch counterfeit cash from going through the registers. "During this time of year there is an increase in a little bit of everything as far as the type of crimes out there in particular crimes of opportunity specifically counterfeiting."

And "the good life city" is no exception. "It's happening on a consistent basis weekly as far as the amount of counterfeit cash coming through the city," said Albany Police Lt. Darrin Abner.

But what can you and businesses do to make sure your cash is the real deal. "The security threads, the hologram image that is of to the right of the off-center head. Different things that they actually do, but looking at that color shifting ink is one of the best ways," Abner says.

And if you come across any bogus bills its important to call police so it won't makes its way into yours-- or anyone else's-- pockets.

Albany police officers quickly turn over any counterfeit cash collected to the United States Secret Service to investigate.

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