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You Could be Allergic to Your Tree

November 27, 2007

Albany - - If you find yourself sneezing a lot at home this holiday season, you may want to check your Christmas tree. 

Allergists say many people can suffer allergy attacks if they don't take necessary precautions with their Christmas trees.

After trees are cut, they begin to decay. That creates mold that can give you the sniffles.  

"It may not be so much the pollen from the tree or being allergic to the tree, but it may actually be molds that grow on the tree or some of the chemicals that come on Christmas trees to give it that Christmas tree smell," says Dr. Tracy Bridges.

Bridges suggests you consider an artificial Christmas tree if you suffer from allergies. If you insist on a live tree, he says you should hose it down before you put it up.

Also, clean off your ornaments when you unpack them so that dust won't cause you more problems this holiday season.


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