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Welcome Home Ray!

November 27, 2007

Albany - The musical son of Albany is welcomed home. A statue of the late Ray Charles was installed Tuesday at the Ray Charles Plaza downtown in front of the Hilton Garden Inn.

Although in place, the finished statue won't be revealed until next Friday during a grand opening celebration. One person who knows exactly how every detail looks is sculptor Andy Davis. He designed the life-sized statue of Charles who is seated at a Baby Grand piano. It took two years and it was a little emotional for him to say goodbye today. "It feels really good because this is where he belongs," said Davis.  "He doesn't belong in my studio and as an artist, we know that what we're doing is for the generations to come and it's for the world to see and this is where it belongs. I think Ray would be very, very proud of this. I know he is." 

You can see the finished product next Friday (December 7th) during a grand opening celebration of the Ray Charles plaza.

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