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USPS: Don't forget key mailing dates!

November 26, 2007

Albany--  "Thank you you have a great day!," said one postal worker as he stamped a package Monday afternoon.

The quick stamps from postal workers are already plentiful at Albany's main post office. "You need any insurance against loss or damage?," asked the worker to one customer.

They're keeping up with the already long holiday lines. On Monday, there were lots of arms folded and shoes waiting.  It's only November.

"The next couple of Mondays will be bad," said USPS Customer Service Supervisor Reames Clanton.

Ora Bulloch waited patiently in line, lugging a big box with a smile.  It's going all the way to Michigan. "I wanted to get it off for Christmas," said Bulloch.

Linda Meyer carried two boxes.  They'll be split up soon.

"McClain, Virginia and Crown Point, Indiana," said Meyer.

Two women, different destinations, but one mission. "I came to mail Christmas packages, trying to beat the rush," said Meyer.

"Because I wanted them to get it for Christmas," said Bulloch.

The US Postal Service says Meyer and Bulloch had the right idea. "After today, it's going to get pretty busy," said Clanton.

They're only expecting the lines to get longer as the holidays approach, so they're getting the word out on some important mailing dates. "Very important and they can express mail up until the 24th and we'll deliver on Christmas Day," said Clanton.

And if you have family or friends in the military, mailing dates are even sooner. They recommend December 4th if you're sending packages to Iraq or Afghanistan. Letters going to other places overseas should be sent by the 11th.

"If you're going to mail it express mail, it's the 18th of December," said Clanton. But the longer you wait, the more you could pay. For those who already sent their packages, they can sleep easy tonight.

"I feel good about it. It's a real relief getting these packages in the mail already. They'll be there by the end of the week," said Meyer.

They know their shipments will get to their destinations way before Christmas and they didn't have to pay more money or wait in even longer lines to do it.

The post office expects their busiest day to be December 17th. That day, they expect to process about 1 billion cards, packages and letters. The last day you can expect to send items using the least expensive option is December 15th.  



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