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Giant Gingerbread House on display at Phoebe

November 26, 2007

Albany - Some miniature Chefs put the finishing touches on a giant gingerbread house today.  The 350-pound ginger bread house is now on display for all visitors and patients at Phoebe Putney hospital.

Executive Chef Thomas Wild designed the cake and decorated it with the help of children from Family Tree, Phoebe's day care program. Wild said the point of the sugary display is to put a smile on the faces of people during the holiday season. You can grab a bite to eat too, but do so at your own risk!

"I saw the ginger bread and the house," said Miniature Chef James Sims. Executive Chef Thomas Wild said, "It's just to have some fun and help me finish the house for the holiday season." "Now if somebody is walking by, can they take a piece of candy?" "They can, but kids have been touching it so you know how kids are. If they want to, the best of luck with that."

Chef Wild shared his giant gingerbread recipe with us, take a look:  All you need to get started on your very own 350 pound house is 185 cups of sugar, 450 cups flower, 375 eggs and 2600 tablespoons of molasses.

Two more things you'll need to make an extra big gingerbread house, a really big bowl, and an even bigger oven.



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