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County Commissioners tweak budget numbers

November 26, 2007

Albany - Dougherty County will spend less of your tax money over the next year than leaders first thought.   On Monday commissioners amended the $46.7-Million budget. There were last minute additions to the budget, such as money for Albany Tomorrow and the Flint Riverquarium and a huge increase to workers health insurance of more than $800,000.

Because of those increases and uncertainty surrounding property taxes, commissioners reduced spending in other areas, Including contributions to the employee retirement fund.

Finance Chairman Lamar Hudgins said, "We had included an additional $300,000 from what we had contributed last year, and so we're actually able to cut back $635,000 because of the actuary recommendation."

Although property tax revenues may come in slower than anticipated, the county won't need to take out tax anticipation notices to pay for county expenses because of a healthy reserve fund balance.



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