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Homeland Security helps South Georgia FD

November 26, 2007

Bainbridge--  Firefighting is risky and comes with dangers you might not even think of.  "Poisonous gases and all that's in these fires, styrofoam is put out, foams put out, whatever the buildings have in it with poisonous gases," says Fire Chief Dennis Mock.

SBA's or self-breathing apparatus are what protect the firefighters while they work.  "You've got clean breathing air. When you go into a fire, you got your air in your bottles that you breath. And it's a grade that you have to have," Mock explains.  He says they've had this equipment since at least the late '90s.  "Our SBA bottles, our fill station was running out of dates, running out time, running out of hydro testing and so we knew they had some grant money out in the field," says Mock.

Homeland Security awarded them a $194,000 grant. Since Public Safety officers serve as both police officers and firefighters, the grant will allow them to purchase 23 SBA's with 30 minutes of air for officers to keep in their patrol cars.

They'll also buy a new fill station and 10 1-hour-long tanks.  "The fill station allows us to fill up the bottles whenever we run out of air," Mock says. The new tanks will be carbon fiber so they'll weigh less, making it that much easier for these brave men and women get the job done.

Of the $194,000 grant, the city of Bainbridge will have to come up with just 5% of that to pay for the equipment.

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