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More people calling Valdosta home

November 26, 2007

Valdosta - James and K.K. Mclaughlin just moved from St. Mary's back to Valdosta.  "We left here about 17 years ago and we wanted to come back," James says.

"We were over on the coast, we liked it over there but its not the same South as Valdosta is," K.K. adds.

And they have moved into their dream home.  "We spent several days looking for homes but when we found the one we are living in now, we just knew this was it!" K.K. exclaims.

Moody Air Force Base, new industries, and a growing community continue to attract people to the Azalea City.

Not to mention, it's location.  "We have a lot of families being attracted to the area because of it's so close to the gulf and the coast, also just a few hours away from Atlanta and Orlando," says Missy Sherwood, President of the Valdosta Board of Realtors.

Keeping the housing market healthy.

The housing market has seen a nationwide slump, but realtors in Valdosta say business has never been better.  "Valdosta has not seen a slump. Over the past few years we've seen a good appreciation rate, between three and six percent," Sherwood adds.

Last year realtors brought in over 232 million dollars worth of sales. This year, that's increased to over 234 million.

And next year is only looking better.  "With the change in the base there's still only a quarter of the people here that are suppose to be moving here so in January and February and the beginning for the spring we are suppose to see more military families move in," Sherwood says.

Realtors say they'll be standing by to welcome them all home.


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