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Keep your cool driving this holiday season

November 24, 2007

Albany -- The holidays are a time of sharing, but on the road ways its every man for himself.

"It's crazy out here. People don't know how to drive. There are so many people. Its crowded," said Jennifer Tucker.

Holiday shopping and making sure you get your hands on the perfect gift can bring out the worst on the streets.

"Mostly the intersections are really killer because everybody wants to go at the same time. And nobody is yielding. Thank God for stop lights you know," said Tucker.

"People are busy. They got their minds on other things. And they become frustrated with the traffic and frustrated with other problems. And they just lose their temper," said Dougherty Police Sgt. J. L. Reynolds.

And with so many people trying to get the names on their gift-giving list crossed off; the problem is multiplied.

"There is just so many people and you have to be careful with how you drive. And everyone thinks that they own the road," said Tucker.

"Usually we have a lot of fender benders in your shopping areas because of the high volume of traffic in those areas this time of year. The more traffic, the more incidents that allow those situations to happen," said Sgt. Reynolds.

But this doesn't have to be the case for your shopping trip.

"Be safe, yield, stop at stop lights and watch out for crazy drivers," said Tucker.

"Slow down, watch out for the other guy and just leave more room for you and the car in front of you," said Sgt. Reynolds.

Practicing some patience when you're behind the wheel will help make sure the holidays for you and the driver next to you will be a happy one this year.


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