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Decking the halls to a another level

November 23, 2007

Albany -- If you drove past this home on Habersham, you probably wouldn't think much from the holiday lights displayed.

But the Christmas tree that greets you at the door, tells you otherwise.

"It s so much joy to see you start from zero. First it's just the tree, and then the lights. Then you choose your colors and than you just put it together. And I just enjoy that," said Doris Meadows.

Meadows has a tree in every room. "I have a tree in each bedroom. I have a tree upstairs. I have a tree in the den. And I just made each tree a personal and different," said Meadows.

A tradition she started with her first child.

"I have been doing Christmas trees for over 40 years since my children were small. Since my oldest is 44 now. I have been doing them just that long," said Meadows.

Her inspiration is the reason for the season.

"I just really enjoy and love Christmas because of what it represents. It represents the birth of Jesus and I just love that season. So each year I just have gotten better with each tree and the years that have gone by," said Meadows.

And every year she gets to share her love for Christmas with everyone who walks through her door.


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