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South GA parents concerned over tainted toys

November 23, 2007

Valdosta - Tanisha Bryant is shopping for Christmas gifts for her two kids.

But this year she's paying more attention to what she buys.  "I take a second look because you never know what you may be purchasing. I don't want to endanger my kids life with a toy."

Like many parents, she's concerned about the growing number of toys being placed on the recall list. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled more than 70 toy brands totaling more than 25 million products. A majority of those are made in China.

But parents say it's a problem that's hard to avoid.  "A lot of toys are made in China and it's really hard to find one that's not," Bryant says.

That's because nearly 80 percent of toys are made in China, so parents are taking extra precautions when checking off Santa's wish list.  Like Michelle Carney shopping with her seven month old son.  "Things that are made in China, we buy things specifically that he can play with and not have any contact orally with."

And convinced some to change the way they shop.  "I don't shop online at all anymore. Not for him. For me that's fine, but not for him," Carney says.

Bryant agrees.  "In store because you can actually see the item before you purchase it and you can read the label, see where it's coming from."

They hope the extra measures will assure no tainted toys make their way under the Christmas Tree.


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