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What time did you wake up to go shopping?

November 23, 2007

Albany - It's the busiest shopping day of the entire year, Black Friday.  It can either make or break a business. And for shoppers, it means big savings if they're willing to get up in the middle of the night and wait in line.

While most of us were still in Lala land. "About three o'clock." Really? What time did you start shopping? "About five."

Eager shoppers like Becky Copper and Heather Hancock were searching for good bargains in shopping land. "Free stuff with different purchases. A lot of things marked down."

From clothing to electronics. Shoppers turned out early, hoping for good deals on Christmas goodies. Marcus Cartrell said, "We opened at 6 AM. It was pretty packed. We had about 50 people at our gate and ever since, it's been constant."

With folks like Jennifer Hall. In and out of stores all day. She says the crowds weren't as bad as she was expecting. "Very good," said Hall.  "It's actually fairly easy to get around the mall today. So far, so good."

Especially for the retailers. "This is definitely the busiest day of the year without a doubt," said Cartrell.

So will these shoppers finish all their Christmas shopping today? "It's never done until the deadline," said Hall.

But standing in line for such a long time, does take a toll. "We'll take a nap later. We'll be here a while longer, but there's definitely a nap in the schedule for today."

After the green stuff runs out on this Black Friday. Internet stores are also offering discounts. Just make sure they can get it to you by Christmas.

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