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Tax bill extension comes with a price

November 22, 2007

Albany -- You probably know the deadline to pay your Dougherty County property taxes has been pushed back, but if you want to claim that tax deduction, you need to go ahead and pay them this month. 

Eight-hundred property owners are still fighting their newly assessed values. Thousands of appeals delayed the tax process. Bills finally went out last week, and the payment deadline is now January 20th.

The city, County, and school system tell us a delay in collecting taxes won't cause major problems for them. But it could cause a problem for you if you want to claim your property tax deduction on your 2007 income taxes.

"There's at least some possibility since the bills went out later than normal that mortgage companies may not cover the payment until after January first, which means the tax deduction that we're normally used to could be delayed until the next year," said Albany Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

Smith called his mortgage company to make sure they'll pay the bill before the year's end, and he encourages others to do the same. To get the tax deduction, you must pay by December 31st.


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