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Dancing Away Crime

November 21, 2007

Albany - - Albany law enforcers have called on the community to develop more positive programs for young people so they don't turn to crime. 

One business is offering a way to get young folks moving, that might also help us take back our neighborhoods. 

Fuzionz Dance Studio opened six months ago on Slappey Boulevard.

It offers ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, and hip hop dance classes. Owners say the hip hop classes are attracting a lot of young men.  

"It's something to do instead of doing other things that aren't positive," says Rory Daynor.

"I think men think dancing is for women but its not and our young men that come in and dance, they see that they're able to open up in here and if dancing keeps them off the streets, then way to go," says Instructor Sabree Johnson.

Dance students even travel for competitions. The Hip hop dance team just won a national competition in Dallas.

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