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Nashville neighbors fighting crime

November 21, 2007

Nashville - They call themselves Berrien County's forgotten community.

The neighborhood between Marion Street and Bee Tree Avenue, where drug bags litter the streets and the kids have no where to play but a run down park full of beer bottles and broken glass.

Streets they say that are full of crime that's getting worse by the day.  "There's been a lot of shootings at the Blue Flame night lounge and in this area in particular," says Priscilla Clowers, a concerned neighbor.

Wednesday, they gathered at the sight where 22 year-old Roland Bryant of Adel was gunned down nearly two weeks ago. 

A tragic event that is pulling this community together to demand the crime be stopped. "I'm crying out for help, please help us to help the community to be free."

They say they are forming a neighborhood watch group that will begin raising money to build a youth center, aimed to keep kids off the street.

"Young people don't have any place to go or anything to do," Barbara Dailey has observed.  "When school is over, outside of that, they need something else to do."

Community Activist Rosalind Hobbs agrees.  "A community house would be able to generate programs that would upgrade the community to a safe environment."

But they can't do it alone.  They will be appealing to city council, police, and the sheriff's office to beef up patrols and give their part of town the attention they deserve.

"We'll be talking to all of them, trying to get something done in this community to stop the violence, drugs, and crime," Clowers adds.

They are also hoping to convince the city to give their park a face lift. They say the park has become a hot spot for drug dealers at night.  And when combined with unsafe and decaying equipment, it's become a dangerous place for kids to play.

They say if everyone works together, they can take back their neighborhood.


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