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Turn in dog fighters


November 21, 2007

Albany --   The Georgia Sheriff's Association will give reward money for information about the crime of dogfighting.

Georgia's Sheriff's received training and information about dogfighting at their recent Conference in Savannah, and were so disgusted they established a reward fund to battle the crime.

People providing credible information that leads to the arrest and conviction for dogfighting could receive up to five thousand dollars.

"We've been told by confidential informants that there is often as much as $150,000 involved in various bets in some of these dogfighting arenas. It's big money, and a lot of people are involved in it," said Dougherty Co. Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd.

If you have any information about dogfighting, or the training of dogs for fighting, call your local Sheriff's Office. In Dougherty County, call 431-3222, and rewards are offered.

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