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Chehaw welcomes some new family members

November 20, 2007

Albany--  Chehaw's Wild Animal Park is celebrating a couple of successes with it's breeding programs. We got a peak at Chehaw's newest residents.

Two of the park's black and white colobus monkeys Nell and Chua recently welcomed a little baby colubus. Right now, mom holds on to her little one tightly. She's only two weeks old.

It'll be about two more weeks until she'll be moving around freely. She doesn't know it but she made history at Chehaw.

"The first successful birth we've had with our colobus monkeys. They were not recommended to breed until just this year when we brought in this male. He came all the way from Utah," said Chehaw Curator Jan Thompson.

The park may have a contest to name the new baby monkey.

Chehaw also recently made history with the breeding of leaf-tailed geckos. Right now, you can barely see the little guy.  In Chehaw Assistant Curator Ben Roberts' hand, he's smaller than a quarter.

Only a couple of institutions have successfully bred these rare geckos.


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