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Watch how you pack when flying

November 20, 2007

Albany - - It was a busy day at the Albany Airport as holiday travelers headed to their various destinations.

If you plan on flying anytime soon, there are some things you need to know about how to pack.

It's that time of year again when many of you take to the sky.

"I do not like the long lines which is why we try to leave earlier," says Karen Bernhardt .

Bernhardt and her family are headed to New York.

"Delays can be a pain," she adds.

Another pain can be getting through the security checkpoint and don't forget just packing in general can be a nuisance.

If you're used to flying, you're probably familiar with those do's and dont's of what you can and can't pack. Now there are some extra recommendations to add to the whole process.

Those recommendations all boil down to one thing: pack neatly.

"What that means is put shoes on one level, clothes on the next level, cosmetics and other liquids on the top level so that its easy for TSA to look through your bags and see what's on there," says Airport Director Yvette Ahele.

Bernhardt is shocked.

"It's hard enough packing anyway but now you're having to do it in certain layers, I think its kind of going overboard," she says.

But, TSA says it will help them check your bags easier.

"I think its a good process, it keeps everybody safe and I believe they should do more of it," says traveler Corey Riddick.

He says he heard about the recommendation, but he didn't even follow it when he packed his bags today.

Airport staff say they not only want you to know about it. They need you to do it.

"I think they're asking a lot of the traveler," Bernhardt says.

But it's part of the price you'll pay to get there.  

Other tips to speed up your security screening: Have your boarding pass and ID out for inspection, wear shoes that are easy to remove, and remember you can only carry liquids in three-ounce containers, and they should all be in a clear plastic bag.

Also, if you plan to bring gifts on board, don't wrap them because TSA will unwrap them.


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