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Commissioners halt subdivision development

November 20, 2007 

Thomasville--  When the county commission approved a rezoning request for nearly 600 acres of land to put in a new subdivision, they realized it was beginning to get out of hand.  "The commission was approving subdivisions at just about every meeting and they just felt like they needed to take a breather. Slow things down a little bit," District 7 Thomas County Commissioner Claud Davis says.

At the same meeting the commission passed the moratorium on subdivision development in unincorporated Thomas County.  "They passed the moratorium 6 months ago. They anticipated a need for an extension and said so at that time," the commissioner says.

Commissioners say with the housing market in a slump, requests for new subdivisions would have likely slowed or stopped anyway.  "New construction is down right now. And that's primarily a function of the economy," says Davis.  Commissioners say the pause in any additional growth will give them time to write ordinances to support the comprehensive plan, without hurting the county. 

"There are already plenty of approved subdivision lots out there on the market. They're just waiting for someone to buy them and build a house on them," explains Davis.  So by March, with high hopes the housing market will be in better shape, builders will be back in business.  

The county and city comprehensive plan is due to regional and state agencies by mid-2008.





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