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Ray Charles statue arrives Monday


November 20, 2007

Albany --  South Georgians are invited to Welcome Ray Charles home Monday. That's when the statue of the Albany native entertainer will arrive at the downtown Plaza being built to honor him. 

The huge statue of Ray Charles, seated and playing a piano, will rotate on a circular display at the center of the Plaza. It's now under construction at the Riverfront between West Oglethorpe and West Broad Avenue at South Front Street.

The statue will be trucked from Atlanta Monday, and is scheduled to be placed on it's pedestal starting at one 1:00 Monday afternoon.

You are invited to watch, but you will not be able to see the statue just yet. "People can come down as long as they are not in the construction site," said ATI President Ken Weaver. "It will be covered and it will stay covered until 10:00 on the Seventh, when we will have the grand opening. But otherwise I think people can come down and see that's everybody is going to town and really working well on this."

The artist who made the statue, Andy Davis, is scheduled to be here Monday as his creation is mounted on the stand.

The ribbon cutting of the one and a half million dollar Ray Charles Plaza will be December 7th.

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