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Get ready to pump your brakes in Tifton

November 19, 2007

Tifton--  You may soon have to slow down throughout the city of Tifton.

Monday night, city council members saw the results of a Department of Transportation speed study. It recommends a speed limit reduction on several Tifton roads.

One dangerous road is South Central Avenue where there were two accidents involving pedestrians in the past two years, one fatal. The speed limit there may go from 40 to 35.

"Currently we have a lot of streets that have speed limits of 45 miles per hour that are inside the city limits that are heavily congested streets. What we want to do is maybe just lower that ten miles an hour. Right now the state requires ten miles per hour before we can use any kind of speed detection device whether it be radar or laser," said Captain John Tyson with Tifton Police.

Current speed limits in Tifton haven't changed since the late 90's. The new limits could go into effect in as soon as four months.



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