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Not Enough Affordable Housing in Albany

November 19, 2007

Albany - - Albany housing leaders want more home-buying help for low to moderate income families.

City leaders say it's a challenge. Many homes that could be earmarked for affordable housing are being used for businesses, like on Dawson Rd and Slappey Blvd.

The city had a program called AHOP, Affordable Home ownership Program, but it fizzled out a few years ago.  

"We've seen a diminishing budget from the federal government to support home ownership even thought that's one of their big goals. The actual dollar amount has been reduced each year," says Interim Community Services Manager Thelma Watson.

Many cities force developers to rent or sell a certain percentage of new homes at below market rates. But a new study says those laws actually drive away development and jack up the cost of the other houses.


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