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Molotov cocktails thrown in A.D.D.U. headquarters parking lot

November 19, 2007

Albany -- The Albany Dougherty Drug Squad compound was firebombed overnight. Four cars were damaged by at least two Molotov cocktails thrown into the parking lot on Pine Avenue.

It's the first attack anyone can remember on the A.D.D.U. Headquarters.  But drug agents say danger like this is just part of the job they have to deal with everyday.

Four cars in the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit were burned or damaged by heat when Molotov cocktails were thrown into their headquarters parking lot on Pine Avenue around 9 Sunday night.

No one was injured, but this 1993 Buick LeSabre was totaled by flames. Two cars parked next to it sustained heat damage. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Darrell Smith said "we struck a nerve with somebody, and they are trying to retaliate for being put in jail, I would assume."

Investigators say parts of a beer bottle containing a flammable liquid, with a flaming rag stuffed in the opening was recovered by the burning cars. Another Molotov cocktail hit the rear of the A.D.D.U. Marked patrol car, a 2003 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor, but only left burn marks on the back of the car.

Investigators think the fire bombs were thrown over a fence at the alley between Pine and Broad Avenue. Major Smith says it's the first time he has ever heard of an attack on their headquarters, but says his drug agents have to worry about the dangers of their job everyday. Smith said "this is something our guys and really any law enforcement officer basically has to deal with on a daily basis. It ain't just go do your eight hours a day and go home. Unfortunately you have to deal with stuff like this. You never know who's looking at you."

Three of the damaged cars were seized during drug cases, and are used for undercover work. The Buick that was destroyed was the car used in a Sheriff's Office prostitution sting Thursday.

Investigators are fingerprinting the pieces of glass from the Molotov cocktail, to try and find out who is bold enough to attack the drug unit. Smith said "we'll try to find out who did it. We'll continue doing what we do."

Major Smith said this attack will not slow down their work to get drugs off Albany streets.  If anything it makes it more personal.

 Firefighters say the damage to the cars was less than four thousand dollars total. ADDU officials say they will step up security around their headquarters.


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