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Everybody wants Walter's ornament

November 19, 2007

Albany -- An ornament commemorating an Albany holiday tradition is selling faster than this year's hot toy.   Easter Seal's 16th annual Christmas ornament is "Walter Flint's Lights."

The kick off was November fifth and by November ninth, the first thousand ornaments had already been sold. Anticipating demand after last year's rush for the Arctic Bear ornament, this year they ordered a thousand ornaments to start, but they went faster than anyone thought.

"This was really a shock. We kind of listened to the community, they had made request for what we would do for the next year and they had told us Water Flint was not going to put up his lights this year and he'd been doing it for 50 years, so it was our 50th anniversary, so we decided to join the two," said Easter Seals Development Coordinator Rosalyn Horne.

The second batch of ornaments due in by the week's end won't be numbered like the first thousand, but will still come with a certificate.

 If the demand is there, Easter Seals says they'll order a third batch of ornaments. The ornaments cost $15, with part of the proceeds going to help children and adults with disabilities.

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