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Don't become a victim this holiday season

November 19, 2007

Albany -- Shayla Beaver kicks and fights with the best of them. A skill she started learning to gain confidence in herself.

"I am more assertive as far as feeling I am okay by myself," said Beaver. "I would not feel comfortable carrying any weapon, but that's kind of what martial arts is about. Your weapon is in your hands and feet. "

Virgil Crawford has been her instructor for years and knows the importance of learning self-defense.

"In a situation when you are attacked, your life is very important. So whatever you can do to an assailant to get out of his clutches,  do it," said Crawford.

Crawford says getting away doesn't require a lot of trained skill.

"Basically anything in your person can be utilized as a weapon. You can use your pocketbook, but mainly use your fists, your elbows, your knees," said Crawford.

During a struggle, don't lose sight of your attacker.

"I wouldn't suggest digging in your pocketbook and getting something out because that takes time. And it takes your eyes of your assailant. So use knees, elbows, tight fists and you should be okay," said Crawford.

Women should do whatever it takes.

"If it means gouging the eyes, if it means hitting in the trachea. Do whatever you have to do because you never want to be a victim that is carried from one point to another point," said Crawford.

The other point may be the last place you will be alive.


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