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Baker County takes a step toward new police force

November 16, 2007

Newton -- Caldonia Carter has lived out in rural Baker County for 28 years. But this past June, she got a change of scenery when she opened her boutique in Newton.

"I think we are pretty much safe here in the city because we are right at city hall where the police station is," said Carter.

Out in Baker County police protection isn't as accessible.

"It takes about five to ten minutes, sometimes 15 depending on where they are in the area because this county is a big county. And if they have one or two on, than it'll take at least 15 minutes for them to get there," said Carter.

A caller in distress may not have 15 minutes to give.

"If there is an emergency especially if it's a life or death situation then we need someone faster than that," said Carter.

This is the reason Baker County Commissioners are proposing a new county police force, but the venture would not be cheap.

"If it meant more protection, yes, we'll pay more county taxes," said Carter.

Some people, including the Newton Police chief, say this isn't necessary and think existing agencies should be enhanced.

"County wise, I think we could use one or two more patrolman, but I think we pretty much get what we need when we need it," said Carter.

A decision those living in Baker County will decide next year.


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