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Homes for holiday

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November 16, 2007

Valdosta - William Young wants to own a home, a home he says he'll raise his family in.

So he's building one.  "My two kids, I have a four year old and one year old. And my four year old, he's so excited to come out and he's ready to move in because he thinks our old house is broken," Young says.

But he's not alone. 

He's got help from members of more than ten Lowndes County churches and Habitat for Humanity."It's a blessing because I didn't think that so many people would come out and lend a helping hand."

Together, all those hands not only helped Young build his dream home, but helped Latesia Brundidge build her home right next door.

All in just one week.  "Its a great experience to meet new people and volunteers and I'm very happy to see them help me build my house," Brundidge says.

The volunteers and time are appreciated.  "I just love it, just to see my house to be built and excited for me and my kids to move in. I know it's a blessing from God to get this house," Brundidge.

But they say the best gift of all is that they'll be ready to move in for the holidays.