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Be Safe while Shopping

November 16, 2007

Albany - When you head out to do your holiday shopping this season, make sure to use some common safety sense. While there are security officers working at shopping hot spots like the Albany Mall, it's never a bad idea to use a little of your own security.

Stacie Roberts says she makes sure to keep her purse tight against her body, not in a shopping cart, and if she does a lot of shopping she brings bags home rather than loading down her car and encouraging thieves to break in and steal her Christmas goodies.

"Well, for me, I use the best security," she said, "which is my husband. Me and my husband go alone. We just make sure that we're together and if we have large sums of cash, we make sure that no one knows it but us, or we just use old reliable plastic."

If you are going to carry cash, be aware. Many thieves prey on people on their way into stores, hoping they can snatch a purse filled with cash while the shopper is on the way inside.



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