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Red Kettle Kick-off

November 16, 2007

Albany - One of the most familiar sounds of Christmas can be heard all over South Georgia tonight. The Salvation Army bell.  On Friday, the Salvation Army kicked off its annual kettle campaign at the Albany Mall.

During the 33 days of fundraising, organizers hope to bring in about $80,000 for the region. But as fewer people are carrying cash, the Salvation Army has had to change the way it collects.

Capt. Doug McClure said, "Things have changed a lot obviously, but the Salvation Army is trying to change with them. You can actually donate to an online kettle, but this is still the most popular way of giving. Still coming to the store and donating and seeing your friends and being part of the Christmas programs and it has become a tradition for a lot of families."

If you want to donate to the Kettle online, click here.      



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