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Moody airmen return home from Iraq

November 14, 2007

Valdosta - 180-south Georgia airmen are back home.

They returned safely to Moody Air Force Base after a tour of duty in Iraq.

The airmen serve with the 822nd Security Forces Squadron.

They were in Iraq for more than six months providing convoy security and other security services.

Excited family and friends welcomed them home this evening but the airmen won't get much rest.

This team will begin training for re-deployment almost immediately.

"All we do is train back and deploy to the combat zone so when they get back from their chief of staff time off and leave, they'll turn right into a training cycle and get ready to go out again," says Col. John Decknick, Commander of the Security Forces Group.

The 822nd is one of three squadrons that make up the 820th Security Forces Group.

They rotate deployments year-round, so a group is constantly working overseas.

Some members have been deployed nearly ten times.

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