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Early Thanksgiving salvation

November 14, 2007

Albany--  Thanksgiving came eight days early at the Salvation Army. Every year, the organization opens its doors to families in need of a good, hot meal.  

Sometimes all it takes is a meal to bring people together.

"We're having turkey. We're having sweet potatoes," said Captain Douglas McClure with the Salvation Army.

"Feel very blessed for that," said Samuel Allen.

But here at the Salvation Army, it's different life circumstances that brought lines of people to this meal.

"It's kind of hard but I try not to give up," said Kimberly Smith.

"I need a little help," said McArthur Thornton. It's here at a Thanksgiving Community Feeding that we met McArthur Thornton. "If you're out there homeless and you need some kind of shelter or food, the best place to come is here," said Thornton.

He's been able to find shelter and food here time and again. "God is good. That's the only thing I can say," said Thornton.

Because while he and hundreds of others receive the obvious, something else is poured out along with the hot string beans. "Just a wonderful chance for us to share God's love and what He's done for us," said Captain Douglas McClure.

And for that, they're thankful. "Oh very thankful," said Allen.

Their Thanksgiving may not be typical. But it's a chance to say thank you. "That's a blessing," said Smith.

They say thank you for the things many take for granted.

"Still living and having family," said Smith.

"I thank God that I'm alive and I'm here among folks," said Thornton.

Those are the blessings worth talking about over a hot meal filled with salvation.

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