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Hay More Expensive These Days

November 14, 2007

Albany - - The ongoing drought is driving up the price of hay. That's not only hurting farmers, it's also costing The Parks at Chehaw. 

Hay is a necessity at the Wild Animal Park. Zookeepers try to buy their hay locally to keep costs as low as possible, but they say prices are up everywhere due to the hay shortage.  

"At least five or six bales of hay a day. Rhinos, bison, everything in the petting zoo, zebras, bongo, we go through a lot of hay. Pretty much all of our hay has gone up five to 10 percent," says Ben Roberts.

He says Chehaw is still able to get all the hay they need. They order in advance and often get priority from their hay cutter since they order consistently and in bulk.

But some small farmers across the country are having to sell off their livestock herds since hay is getting harder to come by.

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