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Tift County teen killed in home invasion

November 14, 2007

Tift County -- Just hours after a deadly shooting inside this Tift County home, neighbors are trying to come to grips with the violent crime that took place just a few doors away.

"It was shocking. It was shocking to hear something like that in your neighborhood and right there in the house too," said a Tift County woman who wished not to reveal her name.

Deputies and GBI agents roped off the block of 6th avenue in Tift County where a teen fell victim to a deadly home invasion.

"Last night, around midnight, an intruder kicked in the door. He shot and killed one of the residents, a 19-year old black male," said GBI Special Agent in Charge Mike Lewis.

That victim is Marquise Antonio Stevenson. Investigators say his mother and two siblings were also home when the gunman entered their home.

"We only have a very vague description of the suspect. He's a young black male of average height, wearing a mask and a hood. Beyond that, we have very little go on," said Lewis.

With the only description of the suspect being that of a masked gunman, investigators are  dealing with a murder mystery. But they hope anyone out there with any information will call them immediately.

"Anyone with information should contact the Tift County Sheriff's Office or the GBI office in Sylvester."

Investigators aren't sure whether robbery was the motive, but neighbors are unsettled that the gunman is still on the loose.

"You don't ever know where it's gonna happen at. It could happen anywhere. People are just losing it," said a neighbor.

For now, this 6th avenue neighborhood is quiet, but still shaken, hoping that a similar crime never occurs here again.

The body of Marquise Stevenson has been taken to the crime lab in Atlanta for an autopsy.

If you have any information about this deadly shooting, you are asked to call the Tift County Sheriff's office at 229-388-6033 or the GBI at 229-777-2080.

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