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Nashville Mayor, Police test new tasers

November 14, 2007

Nashville - So why is the Mayor of Nashville, the Police Chief and a city councilman being tased?

They all want to test the police departments new toys.  "They were shot also because they didn't want any of the citizens of Nashville to go through anything they weren't willing to do themselves," says Nashville Police Chief John Clayton

City Councilman Alderman Michael Richbourg went first, followed by Mayor Travis Harper and police chief John Clayton.

"It was a different feeling than I've ever felt before. It got my attention and gave me a new respect for it. The second it was over with there was no paid left. I stood straight up and it was like I'd never been shot," Clayton says.

The tasers were just purchased and will be issued to all officers Wednesday, each of whom had to be tased as well.

All are glad to have another non-lethal tool on their belts.  "You take a person my size and you need all the equalizer he can get without using deadly force and prevent using a firearm," says officer Jeston Connell.

The tasers also come with a camera that will record each time the taser is turned on. Police say this new weapon will help assure the safety of both the officers and the community.



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