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Child porn raid leads to one arrest

November 13, 2007

Albany -- An Internet pornography sting in Northwest Albany. A house on Whispering Pines Road was raided Wednesday morning and the man who lives there arrested on child pornography charges.

Forty-one-year-old James Hurd is in jail. Just after 9:00 at 2710 Whispering Pines Road officers zeroed in on a man they'd been monitoring. Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said "there is an ongoing investigation and it does deal with Internet and computer activity."

Hurd is charged with one count of sexual exploitation of children. Neighbors say he and wife moved into the home about a year ago from Jacksonville, they are shocked by this mornings raid.  

Neighbor Chris McCabe said "I see them coming and going. They seem like usual people. They didn't seem like unusual people. Pretty normal."

Investigators seized several pieces of computer hardware as evidence. They also brought out several grocery bags of evidence from the home for analysis. Meanwhile neighbors in this quiet neighborhood walked small children in wagons, and sat on their front porches watching in disbelief.  

Neighbor Blanche Akridge said "we've never had any problems out here to speak of, and we've been here 43 years. But we've never had any problems out here."

 But Georgia law enforcement says people involved in child pornography crimes can not be categorized by age, race, social or economic backgrounds. Dougherty County Police Investigators worked with ICAC, the Internet Crimes against Children, to pinpoint Hurd for the distribution of child pornography, and continue to track child predators.  

Chief Cheek said "absolutely, this is something that we just can't allow to go on in our society. It's dangerous, and we take it very, very seriously. "  

Dougherty Assistant District Attorney Chris Cohilas said " a pedophile sitting at home clicking on his computer can rest assured that one day someone will kick in his front door with a search warrant and taking him to jail."

 Hurd's computer and equipment will be checked by forensic experts in the GBI, as this Investigation continues.

 Two Lee County men were arrested on child pornography charges in the last two months. In September 33 year old Marine Master Sergeant Michael McNany was arrested at his home.  Then in October 69 year old Franklin Gilmer was arrested at his Lee County home.


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