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Food Bank still need to help clients

November 13, 2007

Albany -- The price of crude oil continues to hover around a record $100 a barrel.   Gas prices are rising and that leave us with less money for other things, including charitable donations. Food banks are collecting fewer canned goods than they usually see this time of year as higher costs create a greater need.

Pamala Floyd picked just a few items during this grocery trip. "Yeah this is something for now until I come back Wednesday during the sales for the rest," she says.

Savings she now needs more because of current gas prices. But rising fuel costs are also costing the Food Bank.

"Compared from last year around this time, we are probably down 100,000 pounds of donated products from previous years. So we can feel the effect of oil prices," says Tony Hall of the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia.

Fewer donations affect a lot of people in our area.

"This is the holiday time of year and we have so many families that are making that decision on what do I pay. Do I pay my light bill, my utility bill or do I buy food?" asks Floyd.

The price of gas isn't the only thing increasing. "We are getting more requests for more food and more non-perishable items. That's the biggest thing the request is getting greater than it has been in past years," hall said.

So though we all think we are being pinched at the pump; remember those who really can't afford it.

"We can sacrifice, we can all sacrifice. Everybody has their agenda on why they can't sacrifice, but we can all do it,"  Floyd said.

"As you are going in and getting your canned products, just think of the person next to you. It may not be you today, but tomorrow it can be you," Hall said.

You can make a difference for someone this holiday season.

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