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Moody housing could soon have new owner

November 12, 2007

Valdosta - A new contractor will soon resume work on a troubled Moody Family housing project.

But subcontractors say they won't go back to work until they're paid for work they already did.

The Carabetta Group was hired in 2004 to build 600 new homes for airmen and their families at Moody Air Force Base.

Work stopped in March because they owed nearly 50 area sub-contractors nine million dollars.  Representative Jack Kingston says it's created an economic disaster in the community.  "It's an economic Katrina.  We have basically nine million dollars of damages to 30, 40, 50 businesses who have not been paid for this housing project.  Each one of them had 10 to 15 employees so its hurting a lot of people and its hurt our area economically."

The project's receiver will meet in Washington Wednesday with four prospective buyers and hopes to make a deal and settle all the debt soon.  "We are hoping to get everyone paid and settled by the first of the year but a lot of that depends on the legal process and how cooperative everyone is," says Johnny Dukes.

They hope the property will exchange hands by December, work resume the first of the year and families begin moving in shortly after that.


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