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Click it or ticket program already underway

November 12, 2007

Dougherty County --  Road checks are already targeting people who don't buckle up. Eighteen people died on Georgia roads the last Thanksgiving holiday period.

That's why Dougherty County Police started their Click It or Ticket Campaign Monday.

Lt. Thomas Jackson said "we are trying to get people to go ahead and buckle up before they get out on the roadways to see their families, save some lives during this holiday season."

During the 2006 four day Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, there were 2,618 injury or fatality crashes in Georgia. Nationwide more than half of all traffic crash victims were not wearing their safety belts.

 Dougherty County Police patrolled the Liberty Expressway, pulling over people who weren't buckled up.   Not just drivers, passengers must wear seat belts or they get a ticket. Lt. Jackson said "if we actually stop a car and the passenger does not have their seat belt on, we give the ticket to the passenger, not the driver of the car, but the actual passenger themselves."

Operation Click it or ticket will continue through November 25th, forcing drivers and passengers to buckle up for safety.

The seat belt usage rate in Dougherty County is more than 90 percent, one of the highest in the state.


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