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Valdosta WWII Veteran finally honored

November 12, 2007

Valdosta - He fought in and survived two of the most deadly and decisive battles of all of time, the Battle of the Bulge and the invasion of Normandy, which broke the Nazi's grip on Europe in World War II.

He was in his twenties then, a sharp shooter for the army.

But 90 year-old Herman Deloach remembers it like it was yesterday.  "I did what I was supposed to do and had to do to survive and keep my troops alive beside me," he recalls.

Like many of his fellow World War II vets, he rarely speaks of his valor.  "I don't talk about it to much," he says.

His daughter Sandy Griffis agrees.  "Its very hard to get anything about the war out of him. It's seldom mentioned."

So only those closest truly know what he and his fellow veterans achieved.  "One of his buddies in the invasion of Normandy had his head blow out and daddy ran back, put the mans head back, gave him a shot of morphine and the guy lived to come visit us," Griffis says.

When the war was won, they returned to work and never asked for glory.

But Monday, Deloach was honored at long last. In an elaborate ceremony he was presented with two purple hearts, a bronze star, two combat metals and the thanks he deserves.   "I'm proud that I was able to do my part for the American people and the American Armed Forces," Deloach says.

The medals are now proudly pinned on his lapel, an homage to this proud member of our greatest generation.


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