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More guns are getting into the hands of children

November 12, 2007

Albany -- Latisha James worries everyday that her children might get shot. "A drive-by shooting, being in the line of fire, wrong place at the wrong time." 

A concern she didn't always have. "About five years ago I wouldn't be so worried, but now, I am worried everyday. Kids and guns, you hear about somebody getting shot everyday," said James.

A reality that has only gotten worse because more minors are getting guns.

 "I don't know where they get them, but they are getting it like cell phones. So its easy for them to get it because they got it," said James.

"You have juveniles breaking into homes taking weapons. They get weapons off the streets from a friend, who got them from another friend, who got it from someone else. Its really hard to track how they are getting all the weapons," said Albany Police, Lt. Kendra Wilson.

Officers say a big part of the problem is underground.

"We'd all be in denial if we say there is no black market. Do we know where the black market is? No. Our only concern is that the black market is the streets," said Wilson.

But what can you do to keep those guns away from your children?

"Parents should keep a close eye on there children. If they have been out for six or seven hours.  Ask where they have been.  Ask Questions. Check their rooms. Check their dressers. Be nosy," said James.

Questions that may lead to one less child dying from gunfire.


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