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The gift of life: Lee Co. woman keeps another alive

November 12, 2007

Leesburg -- Phyllis Douglas did something most would only do for a family member.

"I saw a program on television about a kidney donor and the surgery they went through. And it really just laid heavy on my heart thinking how healthy I have been all my life," said Douglas.

Donating a kidney, Douglas says, was a small sacrifice for the pay off. "People live a horrible life because of dialysis."

A gift over 70,000 Americans are currently waiting to receive.

"My kidney went to a lady in Virginia. Her husband's kidney went to a man from Alaska, and his best friend's kidney went to Jean," said Douglas. 

A woman she now stays in touch with. "I get an email from her just about every other day. And she says she has a life again. She's singing and happy, she's cleaning, she's going, and she's so full of energy she never thought she would have again," said Douglas. 

After the surgery she still experiences some pain and is still recovering.

"Its so worth it. I have been blessed beyond I could ever imagine. And if I had a hundred kidneys, I would do it again," said Douglas.

Pain she now feels with the comfort of knowing she helped save a life.

A registered organ donor can potentially benefit 60 or more people.

You can find out on how you can become an organ donor by going to LifeLink of Georgia.


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