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Walk becomes traumatic after an encounter with an officers gun

November 11, 2007

Albany -- What started out as a morning stroll later became the walk of shame for this man.

"I felt completely violated. People were standing around watching, and I've never had a gun pointed at me," said Turner Elementary School teacher, Weylin Powers.

It all began a little after nine o'clock for Weylin Powers when he started his morning routine along this walkway off Meredith Drive.

"As I was walking down the path, I noticed a white gentleman standing behind a tree down there. And I noticed he had on a uniform, but I didn't exactly know who he was. So I continued walking and at that point he came from behind the tree," said Powers.

Powers said that's when the officer began to draw out his gun, commanded him to get on his knees, and put his hands in the air.

"He never identified himself. He never showed me a badge showing he was with A.P.D. From there, Lt. Moored told me that there had been a robbery in this area and that I fit the description of that robber," said Powers.

That robbery happened at FireHouse Subs off Dawson Road. The police report states that the suspect had on a black ski mask, black jeans, and a black hooded sweater.

"He had no reason to point his weapon at me since I didn't poise a threat to the officer at all. I wasn't back here running. I wasn't back here making any sudden movements toward him. He just drew his weapon on me, and I think he was unjustified in doing so," said Powers.

"It appears at this point that Lt. Moored did follow proper protocol for an officer that was in his situation. But we do take all citizen complaints seriously, and we will look into this matter," said Phyllis Banks-Whitley.

For now, Powers said he won't be walking on this trail ever again.

A little over $1,400  was taken from two cash registers and the safe of that Firehouse Subs. If you have any information on this robbery you should contact the Albany Police Department.

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