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Let's get a little healthier

November 9, 2007

Albany  -- Americans seem to be losing when it comes to the battle of the bulge. Over 65 percent of us are overweight.   Lifestyle changes at home may not be enough if you want to lose those extra pounds.      

It's lunch time. And what you do during your work break does have an impact on your overall health.

"Here in Albany the first thing we do is go in our car and drive to work and jump in our car and get something to eat ." A habit that Jaxon Riley is trying to break by walking whenever he can.

"I walk on Tuesday on Thursday's at Meredith Drive and on Monday afternoons here at Albany State."

"Any kind of extra cardiovascular activity you can do that will help you burn extra calories is always a plus," says Registered Dietician Meg Chaffin.

Walking has also helped Riley with stress. "It's like a form of meditation. When you here your feet crunching under the gravel. When you hear the wind blow. When you look at a tree. You don't look at a tree when you drive 50 miles an hour."

What you snack on at your desk can make the difference on maintaining a healthy weight.

"Stay away from vending machines. Bring your own snack foods. Healthy snack foods. Dried vegetables, fresh fruit," says Chaffin. "Stay away from anything that is surgery or sweetened because its going to pack on a lot of calories."

Cutting back on calories and burning a few more by moving more often at work will lower the numbers on your bathroom scale.

Parking as far away as you can from the entrance to your job will also help you burn calories.

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