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School boss speaks about naughty tape

November 9, 2007

Albany --  Inexcusable. That's what Dougherty School Board members say about that coaches striptease video that was accidentally sent to another football team.

No criminal charges will be filed in the case, but school board members say they did the right thing in punishing the coaches.

School Board chairman Michael Windom saw the video for himself. At the end of a Dougherty football game tape, a lewd bachelor party video rolled for 30 to 40 minutes. A party that happened at Dougherty Coach Donald Poole's house.

"The behavior was inappropriate as well as disappointing," Windom said. 

He says that's why Dougherty Athletic Director Donald Poole was suspended and coaches Kawaskee Teemer, Marlon Baker, and Nick Towns reprimanded.  "When we looked at the recommendation given to us by Dr. Whatley, we were able to support it and we feel like what we've done to fix the situation is appropriate given the circumstances.

Both Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards and Schools Police Chief Troy Conley said there's nothing criminal between the men and the four naked women on the tape.

"There was no action to lead or make you think there was prostitution or pandering or anything of that nature. There was erotic dancing and there was money involved but it was more or less along the lines of what you would see in a gentleman's club," saied Conley.

They still want to find and question the women. "We just want to make sure there's no questions left unanswered," Conley said.

"Truly what goes on in the privacy of a person's home is no business to the board , but clearly in this case where it was made public it kind of brought shame and embarrassment not only to the individuals involved but to the board as well," Windom said.

Windom said the Board expects the highest standards from employees and hopes the action in this case will force others to think twice in the future. 

WALB News Ten has requested a copy of the tape. We're told however it won't be released until the investigation it finished.


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