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School officials took threats seriously

November 9, 2007

Albany --  Four Dougherty County Schools were locked down this morning, because of threats by a Mother against her five children.

Police say the Mother, Alice Warren, has a history of mental illness and violence, and School Police say they were not taking any chances with the safety of the students.

Friday morning Alice Warren's Mother, the grandmother of the five students, called 911 to say that said Warren had made threats against the children's lives. School Police issued a code red emergency, and had Monroe High, Sylvandale Elementary, Westown Elementary, and Radium Middle School locked down. The five students were taken out of the schools to a safe location.

Thirty-one-year-old Alice Warren is the woman who was shot by an Albany Police Officer in July 2006 in a condemned house on South Davis Street. In 2005 she plead guilty to stabbing her brother in the neck with a butcher knife. A mental health hearing listed Warren as bi-polar and prone to roam the streets.

Based on her history, School Police called for the lockdown. "So once the officers responded to the locations, secured the locations, insured the safety of the student body as a whole and the actual students , or the children of Miss Warren," said Dougherty Co. School Police Chief Troy Conley.

The four schools were kept on lockdown for two hours. Extra officers were at all four schools during school dismissal this afternoon.

Conley issued a look out for Alice Warren with all Dougherty County law enforcement, and said she is wanted as a person of interest for terroristic threats.

If you have any information about Warren, you are asked to call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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