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Rabid Raccoon picks on the wrong dog

November 9, 2007

Albany - An Albany man is warning others to make sure their pets are protected against rabies. Mark Williamson said when he pulled into his Stonebridge home Monday night, his three dogs were barking up a tree and fighting a raccoon.

The raccoon lost the battle with the dogs, especially with 90-pound Sampson, a great Dane, blue tick mix. But the event wasn't without a scare. The next day, that Raccoon tested positive for rabies.

Although Williamson's dogs are all vaccinated, he still took them to the vet for booster shots and wants others to make sure their animals shots are up to date.  He said, "Two neighbors right around the corner were, 'wow, we haven't gotten their rabies shots since we've been here.' It's a relatively new neighborhood. But it's anywhere. It's behind St. Teresa's Church, it's anywhere. Off Lullwater, Doublegate, it doesn't matter."

Vets warn to never approach any animal you believe may be rabid. And always report a suspicious animal you think may be infected to the health department.

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