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Colquitt Co. standoff ends peacefully

November 9, 2007

Colquitt County--Today we should know what charges will be filed against a Colquitt County man involved in a standoff with law enforcement Thursday night.

For nearly six hours, 66-year-old Larry Benton barricaded himself inside his house and threatened to harm officers on the scene and kill himself.  The standoff, eventually, ended peacefully, with Benton taken into custody.

Around 2:30 PM Thursday, Benton reported several missing weapons from his home located at 7629 Old Adel Road.

When a deputy arrived at Benton's house, instead he found Benton involved in a domestic dispute with his wife. The deputy could not get the situation under control.

According to Jerry Green with the Colquitt-Moultrie SWAT team, Benton became very hostile and began threatening the deputy and himself. The deputy then quickly called in the SWAT team.

"He said that he would not be taken out of his house alive. There were several guns in the house with him, and he did threaten to use them," says commander Jerry Green with the Colquitt-Moultire SWAT team.

The standoff was resolved peacefully without any injuries. Deputies removed three high power rifles from Benton's home. 

Because of a previous standoff situation involving Benton about six years ago, he was under court order to not have any weapons in his possession.

After Benton was taken into custody, he was taken to Colquitt Regional Hospital for psychological evaluation.



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