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Store owner returns to business after robbery attempt

November 9, 2007

Albany -- An Albany convenience store owner opened his business as usual Thursday after he shot at a masked robber who pointed a gun at him and his wife Wednesday night.

Mike Patel owns the Minimart on Stuart Avenue. Today he had the same gun behind the counter that he shot the night before. The bullet hole is still in the front door.

The robber wasn't hit and got away. He wore all black and a mask. He entered the store about 7 O-clock and pointed a silver pistol at the Patels. The store owner quickly pulled his gun and fired.

 Police say store owners have the right to protect themselves but urge them not to shoot. Albany Police Lt. Kendra Wilson  said "they do have the right, however we do not encourage them firing weapons at anyone. Suspects or anyone. The thing we would like them to do is be a very good witness."

 Investigators are still looking at store surveillance video but have no made arrests.


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